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Monday, September 17, 2012

Glenn McGee, visionary or arriviste?

In any case, I've decided to use his book in our course this Spring.

Bioethics for Beginners: 60 Cases and Cautions from the Moral Frontier of Healthcare
"Depending on who you ask, Glenn McGee is either a visionary who made bioethicists more visible or an ambitious arriviste with questionable ethics on some issues.
McGee, a prominent  and sometimes controversial bioethicist, is raising the hackles of others in his profession again, this time for joining a for-profit Texas stem-cell company even as, his critics say, he remained editor of the American Journal of Bioethics, an influential journal he founded.
One version of Glenn McGee’s move was announced in a press release this week. "Celltex Therapeutics Corporation is pleased to announce that Glenn McGee, Ph.D, an internationally respected bioethicist, has joined the firm as president of Ethics and Strategic Initiatives,” the press release said. It said he resigned as editor-in-chief of the journal in Nov. 2011 and his position as the John B. Francis Chair at the Center for Practical Bioethics, a Kansas City nonprofit involved in practical bioethics, but would serve the journal in an advisory capacity till the beginning of March..."
Glenn McGee raises a storm in the bioethical world | Inside Higher Ed