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Friday, April 10, 2015

Stewart Udall

After challenging us all to think of examples of people who flourished in the later years of long and constructive lives, I thought first of the late Stewart Udall (1920-2010). His "letter to my grandchildren"* is a priceless model of the kind of wisdom only years can bring. He did a moving interview with Bob Edwards not long before his death. Quite a legacy.

*"Go well, do well, my children! Support all endeavors that promise a better life for the inhabitants of our planet. Cherish sunsets, wild creations, and wild places. Have a love affair with the wonder and beauty of the earth!"


  1. This man's message is extremely powerful. Making innovations to the Earth for the next generation to flourish. It reminds me of what I am doing with my life. I want to set an example by becoming a physician and following my dreams. I will be proving to later generations, even my own children, that it is possible to follow dreams. I also am working hard now to provide a better future for my children(that haven't been born into this world yet). I am always thinking about them in a way. When I think something is too hard, I keep working hard at it because I know it would be for their benefit.

  2. I wish more people shared this man's general outlook. A true example of wisdom