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Thursday, April 16, 2015

But what came first... the chicken or the egg?



  1. I really liek the stories you are sharing. These old people are really amazing and lively. I recently attended the Special Kids Race and saw many old people participating in the 5K and the 3K

  2. http://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-14305/these-people-live-longer-than-anyone-here-are-9-things-they-do.html

    This article expounds on possible ways to achieve a long life, and what to do with your life once you attain that age. There could be confounding variables in the Asian cultures, such as how much genes, diet, or upbringing plays a role in longevity, but overall these are good things to aspire to.

    DQ: What would you do with your life once you get old enough that strenuous physical feats are out of the question?

    DQ: Would you drastically change your life to live slightly longer?
    (^This questions stems from the fact that one of my friends said that he would never stop eating meat, even if it cut his lifespan by 20 years. Is there anything that you would be willing to change if it ensured longer life, and how much would you be willing to give up?)