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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Quiz Apr 9

1. Who called old age a "massacre"? 55

2. What happened to Bella that severed her connection to Felix? 56
OR, What move restored a sense of control to Felix and Bella? 58

3. What is a "continuum of care" community? 60

4. What happened in 1935 to introduce greater security in the lives of ordinary Americans? 63

5. Who was Harry Truman? (Not Harry S...) 66

6.  What was the original rationale for nursing homes, if not to help old people face dependency and manage their lives more effectively? 71

BONUS: AG says the goal that matters most to older people is what? 77

1. "We do not like to think about" losing our independence in old age, and so we tend not to prepare for it. What kinds of preparations would you advise, for yourself and your patients?

2. What impairment associated with aging do you think would be hardest to cope with, or create the most difficulties for continued quality of life?

3. "It means something when you can move in and see all your things in their own places..." (60) What kinds of"things" can you not bear to imagine parting with, ever? The silver in your kitchen drawer, for instance? Shouldn't we all make an effort to simplify our material lives as we age?

4. Given the historical prevalence "poorhouses" (and their persistence in much of the world), should modern old age homes - even at their worst - be perceived as "frightening, desolate, odious" etc.? It could be worse, after all. Is this an insensitive thing to say?

5. Is it reasonable of old people to expect a lot more of life's last chapter than mere safety? (Friendship, purpose, freedom...) Can an institution ever really be a home? 

6. Will you be a "feisty" old person? (75)

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