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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Quiz April 23

A Better Nursing Home Exists - After plenty of isolated successes, the question isn't what good nursing homes look like, but how to transform existing facilities into places that look like them. Atlantic

Dr. Oz to Respond on Show to Criticism by Physicians Dr. Mehmet Oz will question the credibility of critics who sought to have him removed from his position at Columbia in a segment on his show on Thursday, a spokesman for the show said. 

Simple Rules for Healthy EatingThere’s a lot of advice out there about what kinds of food you should be avoiding. Here’s a more positive approach.

Why California’s Approach to Tightening Vaccine Rules Has Potential to Backfire Although the goal of vaccinating more children is worthwhile, a heavy-handed approach from lawmakers could make opponents more intransigent.

Why Survival Rate Is Not the Best Way to Judge Cancer Spending     

For many cancers in the United States, we’ve made little headway in mortality rates, which is a different measure altogether.

We Need a Role Reversal in the Conversation on Dying nyt
A form to guide patients in letter-writing can help them tell their doctors and their loved ones how they want to die.


7 - Hard Conversations

1. What did the Ugandan and South African docs say about how Sara's case would  have been handled in their countries? 191

2. How does the fact that 45% of Americans died in hospice care in 2010 illustrate the three stages of medical development? 192-3

3. The third type of doctor-patient relationship, after paternalistic and informative, is what? 201

4. What's the 3-step strategy for talking about bad news palliative care physicians use? 207

5. What is ODTAA? 208

6. What was Athens Village? 224

BONUS: What did the hospice nurses's opening questions make clear that she cared about? 226

BONUS: What did AG's father want in general, in his final weeks/months of life (beyond the strength to Skype etc.)? 228

1. AG's father and his physician decided "to go primarily by how he felt, not by what the pictures looked like." 199 Do you think this decision was partly rooted in professional courtesy? Do the pictures count for more, in most such decisions? Should they?

2. What sort of doctor-patient relationship would you prefer, from each perspective?

3. Would "understanding the finitude of time" left feel like a gift to you? 209

4. "...his sense of taste disappeared. They hadn't mentioned the possibility." Why wouldn't they have mentioned it? Isn't this sort of omission really unconscionable? Shouldn't they have anticipated it?

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