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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Euthanasia Post# 1

Final Blog Report Post #1


Right to die laws have been a right in many states for the past 10 years, with other states still battling over the passing of bills to allow their states these same rights. In Oregon, Montana, New Mexico, Vermont and Washington terminally ill patients have had access to physician assisted suicide. This treatment is seen by many a necessity that allows them to die with dignity around the ones they love. Others see this legislation as an unnatural death, many arguing that it is often the result of elder abuse. Nevertheless legislation legalizing right to die laws are increasing in support across America and many countries around the world. Euthanasia allows patients the option to be prescribed a medication that induces death from a physician and take it in the comfort of their home whenever they feel it the right time. In many cases the patients never actually take the medication and instead end up die naturally. The choice to have the medicine and ability of being able to take it when they choose is comforting to patients as it allows them the feeling of control over their final days. For many the fear is the loss of autonomy causing them to spend the rest of their days as a vegetable instead of dying with dignity surrounded by family and friends.


  1. We always have to be mindful of the change-of-mind-but-cant situations.

  2. Keeping the autonomy issue front and center is crucial. But so is the importance of making sure that patients do not commit to a choice they'll never have the opportunity to regret.