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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Euthanasia Blog Post #3

While euthanasia presents many dilemmas to face there is also hope and potential solutions to many of these issues. As far as the misdiagnosis aspect of euthanasia is concerned it is possible to enact some form of advisory board of doctors, medical specialists and judges. This panel would be able to view and analyze each case to ensure that proper measures and tests had been run on the patient and that announcements as far as expected time left were as close as possible. While this may seem like a convoluted solution it seems like the safest way to ensure that euthanasia was only being offered to those that truly qualified. The worse thing that could happen would be people abusing euthanasia whether through elder abuse, financial reasons or using the system as a way of suicide. Another possible preventative measure to ensure the correct use of euthanasia would potentially be using social workers to work closely with the family to ensure that the patient was not being pressured into making a decision they were not comfortable with. With these measures in place euthanasia can be a far safer and more accessible option to those who wish to have access to it.

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  1. Yes, but serious attention must be given to how the "panel" is portrayed to the public. "Quality of Life Panel" is cumbersome, but connotes a better brand that Death Panel... if there's any way to avoid it.