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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Group Discussion for Tue Apr 08,15

6. "Doctors don't like taking care of the elderly." (36) How do you feel about that? Is this an attitude medical training should challenge and try to eradicate? How?

On Tuesday, we discussed the question above and many people explained why that quote even exists. The students stated there is not enough of an emphasis on geriatrics in medical school. The reason for this is that if the demand for classes are low, there cannot be a course available. The interest for geriatrics is not high enough because students find that people under the age considered a "senior citizen" much more fascinating to study and observe as those "younger" people grow from birth. Pediatricians are more popular than geriatricians. A student spoke up to say that the quality of the care should not be based on interest. For example, a nurse or doctor goes into the business knowing he or she will be caring for people of all ages; therefore, they should not be shocked or troubled by their patients based on age.

Dr. Oliver suggested a type of pro bono care for the elderly who unable to find or afford a doctor willing to give special interest to the elderly. A student remarked, "The care would be horrible, though. They would feel forced to do it." That is key because it makes sense to say that doctors forced by rotation to do work nobody is interested in may give less-than-optimal care. The class continued to discuss other ways to address the problem that doctors think the elderly are a burden and that the elderly also believe they are a burden. By this, I mean that the elderly want the ability to take care of themselves, and they feel guilty that the people they once took care of are now doing the work.

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