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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Quiz Feb.18

The Case Against Perfection ch3-Designer Children, Designing Parents

1. Sandel's deepest moral objection to enhancement is its alleged disfigurement of what relation?

2. Why is it a mistake to think of health in instrumental terms?

3. Designing parents are more likely to do what, or to neglect what parental duty?

4. Does Sandel consider genetic engineering similar in spirit to expensive private schools & tutors, piano lessons, SAT prep, etc.?

5. "Parents of college students are out of control." 54 How so?

6. How do Ritalin, Adderall etc differ from recreational drugs of the past?

1. What are your concerns about parenting, and meeting your parental obligations?

2. "No one aspires to be a virtuoso at health." 48 True? What does this mean?

3. Is enhancement a reflection of conditional (not unconditional) parental love, which on some accounts is not love at all? (See Shakespeare's Sonnet 116, Love is not love Which alters when it alteration finds, Or bends with the remover to remove: O no; it is an ever-fixed mark etc.

4. Do you consider genetic engineering similar in spirit to expensive private schools & tutors, piano lessons, SAT prep, etc.?

5. Do you know any "out of control" hyperparents? If so, what's been the impact on their children and their relationship?

6. Do you know anyone who was happily enhanced by Ritalin (et al)? What would they say about the "giftedness" of life, pre-diagnosis?

Oliver Sacks on knowing he is dying; "I have been a sentient being, a thinking animal, on this beautiful planet…" nytimes.com/2015/02/19/opi…

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Doctors Strive to Do Less Harm by Inattentive Care

Inattentive medical care is now seen as a real harm. To remedy the situation, many hospitals and doctors are surveying those in their care.

Bioethics "influencers" worth following...

Health experts question lack of crackdown on "homeopathic vaccines"...

Fatal accidents as global health crisis

Emma Morano of Italy, who has survived two world wars, says her elixir for longevity consists of eating three raw eggs a day and being single.

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Dying wish: Advocates argue for and against the right to physician-assisted death cbsn.ws/1WANJxk pic.twitter.com/E0wbIjOfAj
A semi-serious follow-up to Thursday's interesting discussion of drugs, mountains, "peak experiences"...
The poet W.H. Auden’s writing habits were simple: he woke up, had strong coffee and toast for breakfast, smoked cigarettes while completing the New York Times crossword puzzle and reading the obituaries, and then got to work... He "enjoyed the freedoms of American life, especially during the 1960s, when he experimented with drugs. He tried LSD once and said, “Nothing much happened, but I did get the distinct impression that some birds were trying to communicate with me.” http://writersalmanac.org/
Sounds like coffee & nicotine were his real drugs of choice. 


  1. DQ: What are your concerns about parenting, and meeting your parental obligations?

    Answer: My concerns about parenting are generally centered on the notion of being able to raise my own children properly and in the best way that I know how— whether spiritually or individually. The fear of not meeting my obligation as a knowledgeable and responsible parent is very real and makes the possibility of raising future children difficult at times. I like to think that as I become more exposed to life and the challenges that come with it, that I’ll be able to learn from them and apply them wisely and effectively into my role as a father and provider. The role of parenting does not sound easy at all— and I know that it won’t be— but I definitely want to make sure that I feel mature— financially and mentally— before I make that decision.

  2. It is no secret that different parenting styles give rise to different child behaviors. And while I do agree that there should be a balance in how these parenting styles are applied, I do also agree that strict usage of a particular style can be detrimental to children.

    *Attached to this post is a link to a quick video regarding the four parenting styles— and how they each effect child behavior. While watching the video, think about what kind of parenting style you were raised on, and how this has impacted your personality growing up.


  3. Quiz Question: According to the Independent Educational Consultants Association, how much of today's college freshman have used paid counselors? And how does this compare with the percentage in 1990?

    1. More than 10% of today's college freshman have used paid counsellors, up from 1% in 1990.

  4. http://www.foxnews.com/health/2016/02/18/adderall-misuse-is-growing-problem-experts-warn.html

    A news article on the rising use of address by college students today and the health affects of doing so.

  5. Quiz Question:
    What did Savulescu say that parents are morally obligated to do?

    Discussion Question: Do you agree with what Savlescu ^^^ says? What are your thoughts on it?

    1. Parents have a moral obligation to genetically enhance their children

  6. DQ: Should the final say of the gene manipulation for designer babies be placed on the parents or the doctor? (Assuming this practice is approved)


  7. Here I am again with another anime clip. This one is of Buso Renkin which provides the motivation for a character to enhance himself. A way this clip can pertain to today's class is that the parent neglected his duty to care for his sick child.

  8. Quiz Question:

    What are some of the characteristics of hyper-parenting for college students?

    1. Hyper-parenting includes unnecessarily augmenting their environment, over-scheduling every minute of their day, and refusing to let go.

  9. This is a chart that shows the intense side-effects of drugs such as Adderall, Ritalin, and Vyvanse. It illustrates a major concern for the new generation of students in taking unnecessary drugs.


  10. Discussion Question: Is enhancement a reflection of conditional parental love?

    People who support genetic enhancement fail to realize the beauty of having children: parenting is suppose to be about putting an extreme amount of love and effort into someone for the joy that it brings and not caring what comes out of it in the end. When you enhance children from the start, you are clarifying that your love towards your children is conditional.

  11. Discussion Question:

    We talked about drug enhancement in the field of sports and physical performance last class but what do you think about enhancement in the field of intellect and studying capabilities? Is the use of Adderall in the collegiate world the same as the use of steroids in the sports world?

  12. Quiz Question:
    How mush is the SAT prep industry worth?

  13. Quiz Question:

    What percent of American children under the age of 18 are estimated to be treated for ADHD with Ritalin and other stimulants?


  14. Here is a link and video about the opinions of students about the use of Adderall among college age individuals. I was surprised that a lot of students did not see it as unfair of wrong if other students use the drug when they themselves do not. I personally do find myself resenting students who illegally obtain these "study-drugs" because I work very hard to study and be knowledgeable without the assistance of a substance. I was actually in the library elevator one time and witnessed an Adderall deal going down right in front of me and it made me furious. Not only is it frustrating in the unfairness of enhanced studying ability but also in the fact that a majority of these students have no idea what side effects could happen to them or how they are harming their bodies.


  15. Quiz Question:
    What percentage has Kaplan's gross revenues increased by from 1992 to 2001?

  16. Quiz Question: how high have Ritalin and Adderall production rates increased in recent years.

  17. Discussion Question:
    Why do students take ADHD medication with a proper prescribed name, but wouldn't consider taking speed although they are the exact same chemical? Similar to energy pills of the past not selling as high as energy drinks although they contain the same chemicals.

  18. DQ: Do you consider genetic engineering similar in spirit to expensive private schools & tutors, piano lessons, SAT prep, etc.?

    The obvious answer here is no but I would like to expound upon what I see as the differences between the two. If you think about it from a stock market perspective, it is a federal offence to act upon leaking hints on whether a particular stock price will rise or drop. Doing so is selfishly obtaining wealth for yourself at other's disadvantage without following your own instincts. We can apply this to parenting. The designer parents desire to achieve an ideal child that fits there motives and ideals/plans without following any guidelines or giving any effort on their part (when pertaining to mental and athletic enhancement). SAT prep and classes in the arts on the other hand are parents making "investments" if you will in their child's lives allowing them to explore their own personal likes, dislikes, niches, etc. Then following good parenting skills/instincts respond accordingly rather than making those decisions for the child before they are even born.

  19. When discussing ADHD drugs and the like, the dangers of these drugs are the addictive and Ultimately damaging effects of these drugs. Our bodies are not designed to process these kinds of drugs and if we are not careful it can have detrimental results. Here is a video I found on it.


  20. British scientists have been allowed to genetically modify human embryos for research purposes only, but could this be the beginning of designer babies?


  21. DQ: Do you consider genetic engineering similar in spirit to expensive private schools & tutors, piano lessons, SAT prep, etc.?

    I do not believe that attending a certain school or using a particular type of test-preparation material can be weighted on the same scale as genetic engineering. Genetic engineering is more along the lines of a process that is capable of manipulating the actual physical/molecular makeup of an individual; whereas, educational investments are simply reinforcing or building upon an already established body. Having said that, I guess it is arguable to state that both of these forms of "investment" are ones that seek to improve the quality of an individual's overall life; but, they cannot be compared in the sense that they are two different types of processes.

  22. Here is a rather hilarious, and interesting, video about genetic engineering!


    *The story within the video is fictionalized,but it deals with a real advance in the field*

  23. What theologian called parenthood an "openness to the unbidden"?

  24. Group Discussion: Shivan Berwari, Kayleah Bradley, and Bell Doski compared the ethics of the genetic modification of children and private schools to the genetic modification of athletes and altitude training. We felt that genetic modification was a lot worse in both cases because it was more drastic by not giving a chance for the unpredictability of the "gift" of life to occur.

  25. Group Discussion: Phillip Shackelford, Lee Gish, Darcy Tabotabo, Brennan.

    We discussed the definition of recreational drugs and the general view on them y society.

  26. Heather, Sarah, and Addison discussed if we knew any hyperparents, and we do. Sarah told us about how her aunt is a hyperparent and it has gotten her cousin no where in life.