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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Final Installment

Here is the link to my first *Updated* installment

In desperate need for some motivation, (y'all this semester was ROUGH) I looked up inspirational books and ask for the opinion of my peers and found something interesting. I went out and bought it and I haven't finished it yet but I feel better. It's called "YOU are a BADASS: How to stop doubting your greatness and start living an awesome life". Though it wasn't exactly what I was looking for, it's perks were fantastic and it ended up being something better.

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Here is a 45 minute, I know it's lengthy, video of the author basically speaking on the points of this book, how to conquer self doubt. This book is all about living life to the fullest and stop doubting your potential. This was a hard concept at first because self doubt is not something that is taught, in most situations (inserts thinking emoji), but in human nature. Being unsure of something that keeps us sane, it keeps us from making some poor choices and/or hurting ourselves.

This book is about how the author was sick and tired of just making enough money to get by, being unimpressed with her everyday life and knowing she had more potential that what she was exerting. She decides that she wants to change her life and she did. The first part of the book is talking about why we are the way we are, having self doubt. To not give the book away I will tell you only one reason, being our subconscious "Our subconscious mind believes everything because it has no filter, it does not know the difference between what's true and what's not true" (Sincero 22). That our subconscious learned all our information when our frontal lobe wasn't developed so it acts in a sense like a child.

Part two is How to embrace your inner bad ass, part three is How to get over your b.s. already and part four is How to kick ass. By these titles you can get a gist of how the book reads, Jen Sincero is witty and fun to read but really does give insightful information on how to live a new life. I started in the back of the book, starting with How to get over your b.s. already because it was the part I felt like I needed desperately at the moment. It started with "Own your ugly" *inserts shrugging emoji* I fount it hilarious and informative. I recommend you all read this book or find your own inspirational book for the summer and find a new outlook on life.


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