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Thursday, January 29, 2015

BB chapter 3 quiz questions and discussion questions

Quiz questions
1. What is the "heart" of bioethics? (P.50)
2.What is one of the key concepts in the feminist bioethics literature?(p.51)
3. The WHO reported that women's natural advantages in health and longevity have been eroded by___________and_____________ polices. (P.51)
4.What does  ethnical relativism mean? (P. 57)
5.What are the five major religion discussed in the
Chapter? (63)
6. What religion is the most influential in the development of modern culture? (P. 73)

Discussion Questions?
1.How does religion and culture influence bioethics?  Is it a positive or negative influence?
2. How important is the feminist approach to bioethics?

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