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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Complete Life [blog post 3]

Well, honestly I can say that I am unqualified to answer the question of what makes a life complete. I am biased because I have grown up with Buddhism all my life but I would need to properly examine that philosophy from an outsider's perspective. I would also need to examine other definitions of what a complete life is. I can't define for anybody else what makes them happy and how they should live life and I can only hope that nobody tries to impose their views onto me, too.

I can say definitively that eudaimonia should be defined by the person obtaining eudaimonia as long as it does not harm my well-being.

P.S. 1531 words in the last blog post. Whew! What a typing workout. Thanks for reading everyone.

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  1. What would Aristotle say? Or Mill? We'll talk about that in Happiness class. But I'm with you, Crystal, pluralism and "to each his/her own" way of flourishing should be our default position.