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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Origin of life - group 1

Apparently there was a mix up on who was suppose to post. So I will so our group gets credit.
Our group had a full on argument on the origin of life. Most were in opposition to each others beliefs or theories, however we all agreed each other theories were in some light a possibility.
I for one was scared to voice my opinion honestly. I felt like I was I the middle of a war and was getting hit from all directions, it got heated. Everyone had really intelligent ideas and relevant material to back up their opinions,
IN MY OPINION, everyone's theories are possible on the origin of life until EVIDENCE PROVES one of these theories. Until then, I guess we will just keep modifying our theories while listening to others and deciding what you think is true.
Shirt but this was pretty much the general idea of our group.

Some questions were:

Is it okay to play god?
is there even a good or do you choose to believe scientific theories for creation?

Hopefully our group will answer these question with each of their thoughts because I can't regurgitate  the whole argument.


  1. I agree with what Alex was saying, science and religion are not mutually exclusive and must agree.

  2. I'm not sure that science and religion are mutually exclusive, however, I don't think that we (people in general) should allow our exploration into scientific ideas pigeonhole or limit God (If one believes in a god). My biggest issue with arguments over science and religion is that often times individuals become angry with theories because they believe they contradict the literal translation of the bible; A translation, by the way, that has been picked over and selected by many different humans since its writing, often to meet personal gain. If God is to be omnipotent with the ability to do as God pleases, then why couldn't God have created such wonderfully complex designs such as Evolution or the Big Bang? Why couldn't God have given people the ability to discover such things to further be in wonder, or to further our own curiosity?

    It seems silly to me to think that an omniscient, omnipotent being would make things so simple as to have them all created in a single go of it, rather than letting things grow and change with time. The world and universe are so vast and wonderful and our scientific exploration does not make that less so, but more so.

  3. Well said, Timothy. The point I was searching for in our discussion was what we are to do now that it seems "life" (microbial admittedly) seems to be nothing more than a simple recipe. A little DNA, a little protein, a little heat, some love bada bing self-replicating organism. Doesn't seem at all very divine to me. However, the fact that these things come together so elegantly would be something like god to me, the laws of the universe maybe.

  4. I don't have any social sites besides facebook, which i don't use socially. So forgive my learning curve when it comes to blogs and such. I hope while discussing things in class, that passion isn't mistaken for closed mindedness, resistance, or anger. That processing thoughts and opinions from different corners of reason and faith is, and always will have physical stimulation as much as it provides mental enlightenment, so i hope my being carried away in you guy's opinions, thoughts, and reasoning is only seen as a compliment rather than an offense, i am intrigued, curious, and want to understand, that is all. See you guys in class.

    1. That makes sense. I wasn't saying it offended me. You boys are so smart, I was just Intimidated.