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Monday, January 28, 2013

Quantum Physics and Transhumanism

Hey all, William here. I couldn't exactly find the Transhumanist video I was looking for, which features a man actually undergoing a surgical operation, specifically a memory chip in the brain; however, these will do. There's also another video of a man physically pushing his body to the limit, without medical or biological enhancements, and still claiming it to be "Transhumanism." In a broad spectrum, we should all view ourselves as transhumanist. If you believe in evolution, which can be attributed to mans use of tools, then you should see the usage of our latest tools, technology, no different than iron or bronze. The physics lecture is by Robert Anton Wilson, a science fiction writer whom breaks Quantum Mechanics down in a very understandable manner, and I believe the Quantum Mechanical view of the universe and life is essential to objectively deliberating bioethics.

Anyway, here are the videos...


  1. we all are undergoing Genetic Modification all the time. Every time we are infected by a virus our genetic code is altered. every new human varies the human genome. trying to find a "perfect sequence" is a disaster waiting to happen. entropy naturally guides everything to many possibilities. how can we think we can account for every possibility? like in the movie Jurassic Park, "nature finds a way."

  2. In my own belief, Transhumanism isn't about "perfecting", it's about "improving", so save your disaster kit for the next hypothetical doomsday :P. As to accounting for every possibility, well that is the big quantum mechanical question; however, to the Einsteins of the world, calculating every possibility is the easy part, the hard part is deciding which possibility will happen. Electrons move throughout our world seemingly at random, we can just about tell you where they'll be at given any given time, but never where any will be at every specific time. That'd be magic.

  3. Agreed, improving needn't imply "perfecting"...

    Not sure I see how brain implants constitute genetic engineering, unless they somehow modify the germ line. Is there anything in a chip to transmit sexually?