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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Final solo report 2: "A human embryo is a human being just like you and me."

            Human embryos are human beings, no matter what you say a fetus is a human being. It is a living creature just like you and me even if it has not been born yet.  Embryonic stem cell is wrong because that embryo is a human just like all other embryos, even if it is to save someone else life. In the book “The Case against Perfection” Sandel wrote, “Embryonic stem cell research is wrong, he argues, because “it is never acceptable to deliberately kill one innocent human being in order to help another.” I think there should be other ways to make stem cells to help others instead of killing innocent human embryos.
            Another argument that a lot of people talk about is abortion. Abortion is the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy, most often performed during the first 28 weeks of pregnancy. Most people say abortion is wrong and I think it is wrong to because that fetus is a human being no matter what. You are killing a human because you do not want it or something. I think the only reason to have an abortion is if there is a life threatening reason. I am a Muslim and in the Islamic religion, it is actually a sin to have an abortion unless there is a life threaten reason like if the baby is born and the mom will be in a threaten condition then the mom can have an abortion, but if the mom has an abortion because she does not have the money to take care of the baby then this is a sin because God will provide for the baby.  
            There are some myths that people do not understand. Here is a list of myths:
1) A human fetus is not a human person.  The fetus in the mom’s womb from the being is breath and alive, so that makes it a living thing, which human beings are living creatures.
2) My body, my choice! The unborn child is not part of your body; it is a human being inside your body that you are carrying.
3) It is just a blob of tissue, not a baby. If you will say that a fetus is a blob of tissue then us humans are also a blob of tissue just a bigger blob. This dehumanizes unborn children by calling it a blob. Fetus are more than a blob because it has a soul, every human being has a soul.
4) Abortion is a woman’s right. No one has the right to kill an innocent child.
5) Abortion is needed to prevent overpopulation. The world is never going to be over populated.
6) Abortion is needed in cases of rape and incest. That baby is innocent and you cannot blame what the rapist did on the baby.
7) Abortion prevents poverty and suffering.
I think we should make a law that makes abortion illegal. It is so wrong to take lives because of something stupid. No child should have to be killed because the reasons above.

            I think the most important thing for health-care providers and caregivers to know or do is that human embryos are human beings. Health-care providers should inform more about human beings and how it is wrong to kill a human embryo and that human reproductive cloning is also wrong because everyone is unique in their own way.


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  1. No one disputes the human biological status of humans. The tough philosophical question: when do potential human beings acquire the status of personhood? You can't just lay down decrees - "no matter what you say" (etc.) - to settle a contentious ethical dispute. A living (gestating) human is not automatically a person, that's a matter for cultural and ethical judgment. I wish it were so simple. Sorta.

    "Fetus are more than a blob because it has a soul, every human being has a soul." - Again, age-old metaphysical disputes can't be settled by decree.

    Nor is it so simple "to silence your liberal professor."