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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Time & memory, and Alzheimer's, and pot

Time and memory have much to do with happiness -

Two millennia after Seneca’s acutely timely treatise on how to extend the shortness of life by living wide rather than long, Marc Wittmann examines the psychology of expanding our experience of time:

In order to feel that one’s life is flowing more slowly — and fully — one might seek out new situations over and over to have novel experiences that, because of their emotional value, are retained by memory over the long term. Greater variety makes a given period of life expand in retrospect. Life passes more slowly. If one challenges oneself consistently, it pays off, over the years, as the feeling of having lived fully — and, most importantly, of having lived for a long time. (continues at brainpickings.org)

...hence the tragedy of Alzheimer's...
And did you see this morning's feature on CBS Sunday Morning - 

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