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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Misconception of Vaccines in the Anti-Vaccination Movement

            The purpose of this post is to inform the reader about common misconceptions of vaccines that some of the anti-vaccination public falsely rally behind.  In short, vaccinations are a preparation of killed microorganisms, living attenuated organisms, or living fully virulent organisms that is administered to produce or artificially increase immunity to a particular disease. No licensed American physician prescribes the use of vaccines containing fully virulent organisms, as it will most likely result in the virus infecting the patient resulting in the patient exhibiting the disease. This is not an option for most diseases. Live, attenuated viruses are a weakened version of the virus that will not cause the disease, unless the vaccine is not prepared properly. The overwhelming majority of vaccines are killed, purified. This killed, purified virus can in no way result in infection and disease. In most cases, no infectious material is present in a killed, purified vaccination and the immune response is triggered by the viral capsule and antigens (none infectious material).
            This leads into one of the big reasons individuals are anti-vaccination on a small scale and do not get annual vaccinations such as the flu shot. As you know, the flu changes early, so that our immunity induced the previous year is already null in our bodies combating of the disease. We require annual vaccination to combat the every changing virus. However, most individuals have the belief that every year they receive the flu from the flu shot. This is impossible as killed, purified vaccinations can in no way cause the illness for which it is designed to prevent. It is possible, though highly unlikely, for a patient to contract the virus when receiving the vaccines live, attenuated version, but this version is given as a mist instead of a shot and is virtually never used by doctors. In actuality, patients contract a minor disease with flu like symptoms before getting the vaccine. When symptoms appear due to the disease patients commonly attribute this to the vaccine. The flu is actually a very serious illness that doesn’t just leave you feeling crummy for two days. 36,000 people die and more than 200,000 are hospitalized by the flu yearly in the U.S. alone. Please take the time to get the vaccination yearly.
            Another issue the public has with vaccinations are the number that infants need to receive in one doctors visit. There are many reasons for the vaccination schedule being as it is. Firstly, we want to vaccinate our children as quickly as possible because unvaccinated children are at risk of being infected by a life ending and debilitating illness. Secondly, the vaccinations follow a pattern of about every three months. Parents remember to come to a doctors visit if it is for multiple different things, one of which is vaccinations. If vaccinations are separated, often parents miss appointments as they do not deem one vaccination as important or just forget to attend. This is shown by the irregularity of the schedule in which a hepatitis booster shot is not given at the same timing as any other shot. For this reason, it is the most missed shot on the CDC schedule. It is best to get three vaccinations done at one time to save time for more enjoyable activities. Finally, the schedule is in place with follow up shots placed at times critical for obtaining optimal immunity response. This schedule has been reviewed and established by professionals, and even though three shots is a lot for one baby in a single afternoon, the schedule is recommended for a reason. Please talk in length with a virologist if you wish to follow a non-CDC proscribed regiment.
            There are many other misconceptions that can be talked about in this article such as how vaccines had been fraudulently linked to autism, how they contain harmful ingredients, and treat non-existent viruses. However, as I am well over my word count, I will leave these up to you to research. I am happy talking about some of the lesser argued topics that vaccine and non-vaccine supporters both debate. Just please, no matter what side of the argument you believe in, do you research and find scientifically proven data that supports your claim. Do not just believe the catchy slogan posted on a Facebook wall or celeb tweet.

            Thank you for reading.

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