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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Eula Biss

"On Immunity" by Eula Biss started out with references to short stories that intrigued me. How Gods and the parents who believed in those Gods in those times tried to help their kids fight off death. I especially liked Achilles story because it has obvious flaws that the parents are oblivious too. Going into vaccines, I have never been one to believe in vaccines and neither has my mother but after reading this book I have slightly opened my mind. I was forced to get vaccines upon entering college yet I was against them but I now have a better understanding of where people are coming from. I always especially believed that children’s immune system should develop on its own because children’s immune systems can fight off a lot. In Bliss’s book, she talks about how she gave her child a vaccine for Chicken Pox but that at first she was hesitant. This virus remains in your body and can always become triggered at any time by stress and lead to shingles. I have never had the flu virus or the chicken pox vaccine and alternately I have never had the flu or the chicken pox. I still believe that vaccines should be avoided at all times because it just beguiles me to think that’s it’s okay to put the virus into your body, even though it helps your body fight off the infection through your white blood cells, I don’t believe in it but I see the other side.

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