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Thursday, March 16, 2017

On Immunity (Pages 3-39)

So far, Eula Bliss’s book On Immunity has been an excellent read. She hits on many mind-bogging topics that really made me consider my viewpoints and think about the overall health of a community. I have never really pondered upon the meaning of the word immunity. I have never thought of it as being a myth, regardless of me already realizing that no one can be invulnerable to disease. At the end of the day, we will all end up in the dirt.
One of the topics that Eula Bliss discusses is the concept of herd immunity. I easily agree with the idea and see it in play in my life. I live on a cattle farm and we rely heavily on the herd immunity concept, and it works. There is no way that we can inoculate every single one of our livestock; we simply vaccinate the majority hoping that they will pass the resistance on to the minority that did not vaccinated.
This book also made me start to think of my children that I will have one day and how I will go about their health options. My overall belief is to vaccinate them completely. I believe there is much more risk by not vaccinating my children. I do believe though that a few germs are good for the overall development and resistance of my child’s health. I believe that a complete avoidance of germs will ultimately hinder my child’s health in the end.

Overall, I am thoroughly enjoying this book and I look forward to reading what Eula Bliss hits on next later on in the chapters.

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  1. It's really neat that you get to watch herd immunity "happen"!