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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Questions from On Immunity (P 3-39).

1.What type of virus was spreading from Mexico to the US to the rest of the world? P 6
2.What the reason behind the footage people wearing white surgical masks in airport? P 7
3-Biss wondered for how pillows and blanket have the power to do what? P 7
4-When Eula researched for a synonym for protect, what she fined finally?
5-What made this particular strain of flu dangerous? P 8
6-How many millions of people died at the Spanish flu epidemic of 1918?
7-Who noted that influenza is regularly among the top ten causes of death in this country?
8-What term that Biss disliked? P 11
9-When finally, her son got his flu vaccination?
10-What Emerson means by “Fossil poetry”? P 12
11-Who warned of the ravages of the vaccine against human? P 13
12-The combination of several vaccines at once will tax the immune system. T/F
13-Who count Dracula is of the bloodthirsty bourgeois? P 15
14-Who is one’s neighbor? P 17
15-Who is the universal donor? P 18
16-Who said “It’s a product of the herd”? P 22
17-Who is the science writer observes, “There is no us and them”? P 32

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