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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Docs don't bat 1.000

Well, we were going to get back to cases in Bioethics today. Radiance's & Alexander's conversational report on the moral standing of hypothetically-sentient AIs captured all our time instead. And it was time well spent, in my opinion.

So we'll just roll cases 33-40 over to Monday, where they'll compete with a new batch for our attention. Everybody, read through case 48. Come Monday we all need to reclaim the habit of posting regular comments and questions after & before each class.

Hope you'll also check out my brief dawn post this morning, and Brian Goldman's very affecting TEDx talk on the fallibility of physicians and our need to create a culture in which they will feel free to admit they're human too. That's how medical mistakes can be minimized.

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  1. Goldman is a rockstar. "The unhealthy shame"...ah, this makes me sorry for my many criticisms of physicians. They carry an invisible weight that I seem to forget about. Probably because it's one that I cannot fully understand. Anyway, I'm very glad he shared his story, and I hope someday soon there will be many more physicians who can release their shame, and put a human face on physicians for the public mind rather than that of a monster.