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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Medicalizing life

...the human condition itself, with its normal range of emotional states reflecting the up-and-down circumstances of living, has been medicalized. But unless you’re afflicted by congenital and incurable illness, or you’re Schopenhauer or Eeyore, your life is not cataloged is the DSM. Your every experience is not a symptom. William James called this attitude “medical materialism,” and he was right to call it too simple-minded. 
Cassie also reported last time, on the human right to life itself and on the abortion issue. She took a hard line and bit the bullet, declaring a pregnant woman’s right to life no more urgent or compelling or established than that of the unborn life within her, no matter the circumstances of conception or  the predictable prospects for life of her progeny. She was unimpressed by Judith Jarvis Thomson‘s notorious violinist thought-experiment, which Alexander posed for us...
Continues:  Medical materialism and the infamous violinist | Up@dawn


  1. "good call" is my response when reading your full post- I think each person needs to make their own, informed decision on the issue of human rights for the unborn. I also think this issue definitely needs to be brought back to the courts for re-evaluation.

  2. Hmmm. Judicial activism? Not sure I'm comfortable turning this issue over to the judiciary, composed largely of guys who know about as much about reproductive health (and rights) as Todd Aiken. Not sure they'd leave the decision to "each person."