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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Philosophy Lyceum & Baseball Conference

Kelly A. Parker

Professor of philosophy, environmental studies, and liberal studies at
Grand Valley State University

What Ought We to Sustain?
A Pragmatic Framework for the Question

Friday, March 22, 2013
JUB 304
Flyer for Kelly Parker's talk


Agenda for 18th Annual Conference

Baseball in Literature and Culture*
April 5, 2013

7:45-8:15        Registration and Breakfast

8:15-8:30        Welcome         Warren Tormey, Conference Coordinator
                                                Dr. Brad Bartel, University Provost

8:30-9:15        Keynote Address: Dr. Andrew Hazucha, Ottawa University
                        “A Jim Bouton Retrospective:  Zen and the Politics of the Kuckleball”                                     
9:20-10:20         Concurrent Sessions A

Session A1:     “Negro League Contexts”

Location: Hazlewood                                    Chair:   

Stephanie Liscio, (Need affiliation):  “Race and Baseball in Cleveland”

Will Boone, Winston-Salem State University:  “Black Babe Ruths:  Major League Baseball, Hip Hop Icons, and the Birth of the Uncool”

Dan Anderson, Dominican Univ., “’Sensational War of Words’:  Cultural Ideals, the African-American Press, and the Formation of the Negro Leagues”

Session A2:     “Baseball as Muse”

Location:  Dining Rm. C                              Chair: 

David Cicotello, Murfreesboro TN:  “New Developments in McFarland’s Historical Ballparks Series

Mark Sickman, Baseballbard.com:  “Caught in a Run-Down:  The Perilous Position of an Online Poetry Publisher”

Brian Steverson, Knoxville TN:  “Negro League Baseball in Verse”

Session A3:  “19th Century Baseball”

Location:  Faculty Senate Chambers          Chair:

Bob Barrier, Kennesaw State:  “’The Great Match’ and ‘Our Baseball Club’:  Two Early Baseball Novels”
Josh Howard, Middle Tennessee State University:  “Amateur Baseball in Alleghany County, VA, During the Late-Nineteenth Century”

Warren Tormey, Middle Tennessee State University:  “August 23rd, 1860:  The Day Baseball Fell”

10:30-11:30       Concurrent Sessions B

Session B1:  “Baseball and Locality”

Location:  Hazlewood                                   Chair:   

Amanda Bales, Lincoln University:  “Why I Want The Cubs to Win the World Series”

Michael Pagel, Northeastern State CC:  “William Heuman’s ‘Brooklyns Lose’ (1954):  Dodges Tragedy with the Goodwill of Neighbors”

Bill Gruber, Emory University:  “Jocks, Herbs, and the 1936 Yankees”

Session B2:  “Baseball in Film and TV”

Location:  Dining Rm. C                              Chair: 

Ginger Stelle, Morthland College:  “’E.T. Steal Home’:  Baseball on Star Trek:  Deep Space Nine and The X-Files

Nick Bush, Motlow State CC:  “’Mookie Wilson.  That’s a Thing, Right?’—Pitching, Parody, and Perfection in How I Met Your Mother’s ‘Perfect Week’ Episode”

Ron Briley, Sandia Prep.:  “A New Beginning for the Baseball Film Genre:   Bang the Drum Slowly (1974)”

Session B3:  “Seeing Stars:  Baseball Heroes”

Location:  Faculty Senate Chambers          Chair:

Stephen Andrews, Grinnell College:  “On Leanne Howe’s Miko Kings:  An Indian Baseball Story

R Dean Johnson, Eastern Kentucky University:  “All-Star Treatment”

Gina Logue, Middle Tennessee State University:  “Hank Aaron:  My Childhood Hero” 

11:40-12:05       Concurrent Sessions C

Session C1:  “Sports Business”

Location:  Hazlewood                                   Chair:

Don Roy,  Middle Tennessee State University:  “MLBAM:  ‘Trampling Snow’ to Bridge America’s Pastime and the Digital Future”

Session C2:  “Creative Fiction I”

Location:  Dining Rm. C                              Chair:

Craig Albin, Missouri State University:  “Judgment Call”:  A Short Story

Session C3:  “Winding Up…”

Location:  Faculty Senate Chambers          Chair:

Crosby Hunt, Middle Tennessee State University:  “Something on Ball Four

12:15-2:00 Luncheon and Jim Bouton Talk
Tennessee Room

12:00-12:45 Lunch
12:45-1:30  Jim Bouton Talk (~20 min. talk + 10 min. Q&A)

Book Signing in James Union Lobby to follow talk

2:00-3:00 Concurrent Sessions D

Session D1: “Hall of Fame Decisions and Other Ethical Matters”

Location:  Hazlewood                                   Chair: 

Sarah Bunting, tomatonation.com:  “Facing Reality (TV):  Pet Rose’s Biggest Obstacle to the Hall Isn’t that He Bet on Baseball”

Ben Morrill, Middle Tennessee State Univeristy:  “The Baseball Hall of Fame’s Influence in the Development of Private Sports Museums and Halls of Fame”

* Phil Oliver, Middle Tennessee State University:  “Right When They’re Wrong:  Fallible Umpires and Infallible Rules”

Session D2:  Baseball Creative Fiction II

Location:  Dining Rm. C                              Chair: 

Thomas Luckie, Butler University:  “Rain Delay”

Steven Walker, Middle Tennessee State University:   “Civil War”

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