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Monday, March 18, 2013

We're back

Break’s over and Bioethics is back today, with more midterm reports. We’re all tanned, rested, & ready, right? (Check "Next" for the report roster.)

Here’s a follow-up of sorts to Andrew’s pre-break report on anthropomorphic speciesism, and a bioethical challenge: if innovations in biotechnology allow us to undo some of the damage of anthropogenic species extinction, should we proceed? Eco-pragmatist Stewart Brand‘s response...

Continues at Up@dawn | reflections caught at daybreak
Also of interest:

The Gender Gap in Pain

There is a gender gap in the diagnosis and treatment of painful disorders.

Healing the Hospital Hierarchy

When doctors and nurses don’t get along, it’s the patient who suffers.

How to Force Ethics on the Food Industry

Making people overweight is profitable. If we want change, we have to require it.

After a soldier died, his parents took aim at a dietary supplement — and the retail chain GNC, where he bought it.

Learning the Hard Way About a Banned Ingredient

The stimulant DMAA is banned by numerous sports groups, but is still found in supplements sold at stores including GNC, as a tennis player discovered too late.

How Creative Is Your Doctor?

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