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Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Dreamer's thoughts on Happiness

My final blog: Part the Last.

We currently have 2 final presentations on Happiness, I figured another reflection on it could not hurt.
One says we emptily chase dollar bills, a learned or accepted method for chasing happiness.
The other that we actively chase unhappiness.

I say, we need to seek well being. The ability to be happy. Something I think the presentation chastising the chasing of dollar bills hinted at.
As both of the other presentations go FAR in depth in, many people seek happiness with minimal results. Often living only in the pursuit. The saying "the joy/happiness/fun/ect. is the journey, not the destination" seems like a fairly applicable response to the simple claim of wasted effort in the chase. For many people, that lesson is a very good start.

The very important thing about how I feel on the pursuit of happiness is this, it is not the same for everyone.  For me it is merely the everyday strive to become more like the person I want to be, someone who makes others smile and helps others just because it's the right thing to do.  For others the search for well being could take many forms: rejecting what we have been taught brings happiness, such as chasing dollars, or maybe getting away from the stresses of life we are subjected to through meditation be that taking a walk outside and just clearing your head or pondering deeply about things like how we might reduce suffering in the world  or how we might reduce our footprint on the planet as a species. Maybe try bringing a smile to a stranger's face, you never know, it could mean the world to them and maybe someone will return the favor.

However you reflect on your own well being or choose to seek it, remember that sometimes happiness is as simple as a choice. The choice to not be bothered by the bad things that happen, but to laugh and smile and see all the good.  If more people find the ability to be happy, we will be one step closer to coming together as a species.


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  1. Radiance, I agree: let's not overthink happiness, and let's not reduce it to a formula. Let a trillion flowers bloom. And for those who say happiness is not for them, may they be as fulfilled in their misery as old Schopenhauer seems to have been.