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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Let's Go Green! Wait, Why? (Final Blog (3 of 4))

Today’s blog is dedicated to bringing together some awareness!

Let’s start with personal awareness. The first link I have just puts in perspective our own carbon footprint. I will admit, it is biased in the fact it compares people living with electricity with those that do not. So the accuracy is a little off but the process still makes the audience conscious of some of the choices they make.

Next, I want to focus on activists that are also being productive in Go Green!

These young Americans now it is important to start at a young age and instill good ethics that will hopefully carry throughout a person’s life. They encourage young teenagers to get involved and remind them that small details matter.

ISF was founded by Ian Sumerhalder to ensure that the message gets out. He has repeatedly been acknowledged as the most eco-friendly activist in Hollywood. He is always sharing his ideas and getting new organizations together to make a difference. Things like cleaning beaches, hybrid cars, hydroelectric power, and a new light bulb he just put out are just some of the actions he takes to try to save our planet.
It is nice to have the people most of us simply enjoy looking at (TV) become real role models.
This is an interview with Ian Sumerhalder pertaining to his talk with the president about Go Green.

My attention was first brought to this issue by Ernesto Riley (aka Matt Davis) via twitter.  The rhinos are being used to make jewelry.
This is a perfect example of why I appreciate these kind of movements instead of spazzed out Animal activists who go around naked with picket signs about wearing furs and skins.

“Not that driving electric makes for an easy cause. Critics are quick to point out the obstacles: they often lack power and run on expensive lithium batteries that only last for several years. Batteries need to be constantly recharged, and the cars aren't great for long distances. "We talk about range anxiety and plugging in, and what happens to batteries," admits producer Paine, "but what really changes people is the experience of driving an electric car."
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Last I wanted to show entertainment dedicated to Go Green!

Another problem we have is pesticides and hormones on the food we are eating, especially produce. Monday (4-29-13) Dr. Martin Stewart highlighted a special sex hormone that typical pests and insects secrete. Dr. Stewart explained that their is special (GREEN) research being done to use this hormone that can be synthetically derived to isolate the pests from the produce only during prime field time that allows for natural foods to go unharmed. He hinted at the fact that he, himself, has been keeping up with the research quite closely. It is nice to know that even major university professors find the need for a "greener tomorrow."

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  1. "what really changes people is the experience"-

    exactly, whether we're talking about driving electric cars or living lighter or whatever. We must turn and face the changes. Your generation's gonna have to lead on this, mine's dropped the ball.