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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

We Fell Into A Burning Ring of Fire

Betsy's Final Presentation

I recently read an article on Forbes suggesting that we de-fund efforts to negate carbon emissions because the climate is not changing and it’s just a money pit for scientists to receive grants. I don’t think there are still any credible scientists who still argue against climate change, but it’s still a big deal, and we still need to be cutting back on Co2 or things will not be looking pretty. 
If you want to read a few climate change myths, please enjoy this list (including ‘The climate’s changed before’, ‘It’s actually cooling’, ‘The scientists aren’t credible,’ etc). 
Please go here to view my report.


  1. Great, Betsy! The only thing scarier than climate change is mental inflexibility. (Which is why I don't read Forbes.)

  2. That last post sounded a bit inflexible, didn't it? I don't USUALLY read Forbes.

  3. Haha, good point. And yes, inflexibility can probably be found at the root of most things, I wonder if we'll ever get past that?