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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Let's Go Green! Wait, Why? (Final Blog (4 of 4))

It seems passive aggressive leaves just as bad a taste in the mouth as Nazi for some. But I stand by my belief that it can be equilibrium Earth needs. An old man (Russell Bryant, 75) at my mom’s work once ranted to me that they didn't know what “Go Green” was back in his day. And while there may have still been problems, he felt her generation had a different idea on how their lives should be. “We returned bottles back to the store, wrapping was literally recycled paper lying around, we did actual exercise that didn't require a machine, and they had refills for just about everything. New things did not have to be bought so often. Convenience was nice”, he said, “but not always necessary.” It that way, he told me, he believed they took a “passive aggressive” stance on that “Go Green” thing. After that, passive aggressive really stuck to me.

This came to my attention when I typed in twentieth century Go Green.
Ironic? This is a little rude and biased against technology but still supports what Russell told me.

I may use passive aggressive in a naïve way. But I believe it works. I am not talking about the people who lecture and have loud opinions but expect others to do the work. Go Green should be personal. That’s the part that makes is passive aggressive. I am simply saying that we do not all have to be inventing new energy, picketing fuel stations, or standing in front of bull-dozers. I am saying that if we all make small changes for the better, MY passive aggressive idea can save the world just the same.
So, I will admit that all this started with a crush on a celebrity. But now it is so much more! It started with simple things. I carry a Tervis instead of buying water bottles. I changed all the light bulbs in my house to Eco-friendly ones (a few at a time to not waste the ones I was already using). I now support three Go Green foundations and try to create awareness via Facebook and Twitter as often as possible. Awareness is the first step to making a cleaner America. So let’s get to steppin! 

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  1. Totally agree that "small" personal lifestyle changes can have a big collective ripple effect, and can inspire imitation. But I can't agree that that's all we need to change. We DO "have to be inventing new energy" as well as using it smarter and more efficiently. "Aggressive-aggressive" on all ecological fronts... but no, I'm not going to stand in front of any dozers either. There are smarter ways to occupy the conscience of the race.