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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Hyper-parenting presentation

Hyper-parenting is an increasing problem in this society. Parents, trying to perfect there kids and depriving them of life choices in the process. Sandel documents some of the extreme effects of hyper parenting in his book. In little league sports kids are bombarded with obnoxious parents shouting and at coaches and other kids as if in a professional satdium. There has been an increase in overuse injuries in teenagers, due to the push of parents to make superstars out of there kids. Not only has it affected the little league sports arena but it has also touched the college campuses. Sandel makes note of overbearing parents asking college officials to wake Thiede children up for class, writing admissions essays, and hassling professors. College is the place where kids become adults, break away from there parents and grow their own wings in order to soar in their own unique way. Worst of all, in my opinion, is how early hyperparenting starts, one of the last hyperparenting effects he notes are those that enroll their toddlers into these "ivy league" nurseries and elementary schools aimed at making little adult machines out of these kids rather than letting them be what they are... Kids! Now I'm all for exposing a child to as many opportunities possible as to not limit them, but forcing them to choose a certain path seems a little far. The last thing sandel says about hyperparenting is how it "draws dangerously close to eugenics", why is it that our society is so bent on perfection, all of us have been slightly affected by it in one way or another. But I leave the effects of this mentality for you all to ponder. A determination to reach self actualization is noble, but to force the process can not end well for society as a whole.

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  1. Hyperparents need to read Emerson: "you're trying to make another [or "better"] you; one's enough." One's too many, in many cases. Parents who use their kids vicariously are guilty (to varying degrees, obviously) of child abuse.