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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Group 2

First off, our group is still nameless so we need to get on that lol.
Today we talked on abit of this and that.  We bounced around a bit, so I will try to touch on what I remember.  First, we talked about the case in Texas dealing with the hospital refusing to cut life support to the pregnant, brain dead woman against her family's will, citing a Texas law as their reasons for their refusal.  Some of us believed that their was some merit in this if they could save the unborn child's life.  Others said it was more a case of this woman is already technically dead and her body should not have been kept alive if there was no hope of recovery.
Next we moved onto what we felt might have some merit as our midterm project (still throwing out ideas though).  We talked about how certain cities, such as New York, have taken a role as "personal health coaches" for the entire population of the city.  Their legislation to restrict smoking and soda have sparked some controversy, and we wanted to know how others felt about your government mandating that you be healthy.  Is that ethical?  How would you feel if you were told you could not live your life how you wanted because your lifestyle was considered unhealthy by the state?

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  1. FQ:
    1) In Bernard Shaw's play The Doctor's Dilemma, he describes the medical relationship as a conspiracy against what group/ type of people?
    A: the laity (lay people, ordinary people)

    2)What are the three key features of valid consent?
    A: it is informed, competent, and voluntary

    I am curious to know how my group members feel about what the book mentions to be one baby-five parents.

    Here is an article I found that ties into this discussion question: