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Monday, January 27, 2014

Group 3

Sorry about the late post. We thought we had decided on who was going to be the author for Thursday's discussion; however, there must have been some miscommunication. I don't remember everything that we discussed but here are some of the highlights:

Soon after reviewing the quiz the first thing we discussed was The Mayor's Dilemma. Each of us stated what we would have done if we were either in the mayor's shoes or the soldier's. We emphasized on the soldier's point of view and how each of us would have felt and handled the situation if we were commanded to execute whomever. We initially thought that we would not kill anybody since it is morally "wrong," but we would still execute the guerrillas or the civilians since a command is a mandatory task. The soldier has already killed the third guerrilla and two girls that helped hide them. So why wouldn't he hesitate to kill the rest? Morals in some cases are developed according to the situation. This led to our next discussion about what we would do when survival is rough.

In our second discussion we asked each other the question, "How would your morals be affected if  survival was a competition, for instance an apocalypse?" It's interesting to see that Mill's Harm Principle applies when one's life is not threatened, but we become animals under cruel circumstances or when fighting for survival. Each of us would do anything to keep ourselves alive and the Harm Principle is usually lost.

I wish I could remember more in detail, but these were the two main discussions in general.


  1. FQ: In religions, like Buddhism, what is meant by the ''way of dharma''?
    (a way of a universal spirituality which maintains and nurtures all life)

    FQ: List the five major religions mentioned in the book in a chronological order, starting with the earliest.
    (Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam)
    FQ: True/False. If a chronic patient is not getting any any better, the physicians primary role is to generate furor therapeutics.

    DQ: What are your opinions on cultural relativism. Will we eventually have one culture (perhaps by the means of cultural imperialism) or will the cultures keep diverging over the next few centuries (maybe to a point where each family, or even individual members, will have their own culture)?

    If anyone is still interested in the civil uprising in Ukraine, below is a very good link.
    One important thing to note is that the main conflict is not anymore about the Ukrainian government siding with Russia, instead of European Union as the majority of people hoped for; it is about getting rid of corrupt government.


  2. Let me say to everyone: if your group's designated author hasn't posted by late evening on the day of class, and you're an author too, go ahead and put up something yourself. Back each other up, so you're groupmates will all have a place to post before next class.

    If you're not an author for your group and need a place to post, just go to one of the other groups' posts. "Any port in a storm."

  3. The Mayor's situation is not too difficult of a decision for me. the end of the world talks were fun. that is a good link, although, im not sure that it means as much to me considering i dont know much about some of the people mentioned or the true impact they had on the situation. thanks for the link though.