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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Group 2

First up we talked about euthanasia.  We talked about how we felt on the issue.  Some people thought that if someone was dying then they should just let it happen naturally; you should make them comfortable, but medicine should not be used to help end the life.  Others thought that if the person was of sound mind, then we should let them make their own decision.
Then we talked about one baby, five parents.  How can this affect the child?  We talked about different scenarios that could come up in this type of issue.  Then our conversation turned to surrogate mothers.  We found a website that talks about the process of being a surrogate mother or egg/sperm donor, and some of the qualifications and compensation of it.  We briefly went over if any of us would be able to do this or take on a baby that was made through these methods.  We also briefly touched on adoption.


  1. Just to say a bit on Euthanasia, I believe we should be able to make our own choice (if we are of sound mind) whether we want to continue living or not. I don't mean that we should have a lethal injection ready to administer to anyone on their last leg, but if that individual is ready for death, why should we continue to medicate them? Maybe we should have a form when you reach a certain age, (say 18) that allows someone else to make the decision for you if you are not of sound mind. This way you could get what you wanted even if you were not able to make the decision because of some type of trauma.

  2. Also, here is factual question.
    What is the term for altering the numbers in a calculation to make the hypothesis more convincing, with no justification form the research findings for such members?
    Page 127 Ch. 5

    1. Since some of us don't have page numbers, as discussed previously in class, please include the answers with your questions :)

  3. Since our author hasn't posted anything yet and I forgot a lot about what we discussed in class I will post my comment in your group.
    I agree with Cameron about the use of Euthanasia. If the person is suffering and is ready to die then he should have an option to end his life painless. For people that cannot consent (i.e. mentally disabled) a family member or a person closest to them should make this decision.

    FQ: Name two of the four codes that protect an individual from malicious research.
    (protection of the research participant is paramount, independent ethical review, scientific validity, fully informed and voluntary consent, acceptable balance of risks and benefits. p.116)

    FQ: In what kind of a randomized clinical trail (RCT) does neither the researcher nor the research subject know to which group any patient is assigned?
    (double blind. p.121)

    FQ: Which famous, contemporary philosopher coined a term called speciesism?
    (Peter Signer. p122)

    DQ: Should ANY research be allowed on a subject that was fully informed and gave a consent on it? (p121 top)

    link: Peter Signer on TED