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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Fad diets, 3-D drugs

another #Bioethics topic we've not yet bitten into. Gluten-free is hot right now, but is it right?
Eat no wheat. That is the core, draconian commandment of a gluten-free diet, a prohibition that excises wide swaths of American cuisine — cupcakes, pizza, bread and macaroni and cheese, to name a few things. For the approximately one-in-a-hundred Americans who have a serious condition called celiac disease, that is an indisputably wise medical directive...
But what about the 99%? Gluten-Free for the Gluten Sensitive - NYTimes.com
Print your own drugs:
Chemist Lee Cronin is working on a 3D printer that, instead of objects, is able to print molecules. An exciting potential long-term application: printing your own medicine using chemical inks.
A professor of chemistry, nanoscience and chemical complexity, Lee Cronin and his research group investigate how chemistry can revolutionize modern technology and even create life

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