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Monday, February 18, 2013

Possible Questions Group 2

Bioethics Factual Questions:
Case 2: According to a February 2011 Gallup poll, what percentage of Americans believe in evolution? Answer: 40 percent.
Case 10: In 2005 the NIH announced that employees would have to sell their stock interests and would no longer be able to purchase stock. To whom did these regulations apply?
a.) Only Doctors currently writing prescriptions
b.) All Doctors and researchers
c.) All employees
d.) All employees and spouses (Correct Answer)
Case 14: The concern with testing at the Indian Pharmaceutical Facilities was...
a.) Subjects were not receiving full disclosure of possible dangers (Correct Answer)
b.) Subjects were not told what drugs they were on
c.) Subjects were abducted off the street
d.) Subjects were not paid what they were promised

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