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Monday, February 11, 2013

Group 2 Case 14

Today's case was about drug company testing in India. The author seems to think that Gandhi would be against drug companies using the population of India as a convenient source of test subjects. It seems that because there is a large number of people who need extra money and because there are less regulations, India is an ideal place to test products that are not yet approved.

Obviously, there is and ethical issue here. If people choose to be a part of medical testing, then that is their prerogative. On the other hand, if people are signing up for this type of testing and they are not being made aware of problems with drugs or possible side effects then that is not acceptable.

We did not really get to this topic today, so I don't have much to say about this. What we did do was talk to a visitor about the Peace CORPS. I would be curious to know what countries people would like to go to whether in the Peace CORPS or just to visit. Personally if I were going to go somewhere I would like to go to Asia.


  1. i feel i keep seeing the question of is it ethical to test drugs on the impoverished. are we to answer the question of is it fair the have's take advantage of the have not's or is it ethical to test drugs on people. the bio ethic question that we should address is if human testing is ethical, not about the subjects social economic status. as we still do not know exactly how the human body works it would be irresponsible to just say "yeah we think this will work for that" and just throw it to the market. for a drug to make it to market a lot of research and testing has to be documented and reviewed before a drug is even considered given a human trial. as cynical as i see most corporations i find it hard to believe they would let a drug get to human trials that they didn't have a good grasp on the possible side effects. if the corporations were evil and just wanted money we would see the "snake oil" days again, thanks to the FDA we keep those shysters to diet drugs and herbal supplements(herbal supplements have an extremely high LD50, which is why they are less regulated).

  2. LD50! Nick, dont be throughin around terms you dont define.. lol *wink.
    but yeah I'm sure we will get to that topic more today..
    I thought the peace corps talk was so interesting....
    I think its really awesome that they teach you another launguage for free... I really wish I could do it.. *sigh.
    anyway... I wouldn't really mind where I went... even though a warm place would be prefered... with a beach!! lol.