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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Daily Quiz

March 18

1. How does radiation affect DNA structure?
2.  The process of transferring the genome of one species into the cell of another is called ______.

3. What does a polymerase chain reaction do?

4. Eukaryotic cell's engulfment of the microbial mitochondria driven by evolution is called ____?
5. Approximately how much genetic material do Modern humans and Neanderthals share?

6. T/F. The possibility of transplanting a synthetic genome into a recipient cell and proving that DNA was the software of life were major implications that came out of converting M. mycoides species into M. capricolum.

7. What does Venter say his transplantation experiments proved?

[And see late posts]

1.  It breaks the chemical bonds that link the nitrogenous bases together. 2. Nuclear Transfer. 
3. Amplify and produce copies of DNA fragments. 4. Endosymbiosis, p.100. 5. (3-4%) p.87.
6.True. 7. That life is an information system-110.

Do you agree that life is fundamentally an information system? What ethical or metaphysical implications do you see in that claim?

(DQ) I'd like to continue discussing what sort of problems could be solved by synthetic organisms (some more problems are presented at the end of Chapter 8).

DQ: I would like to discuss vitalism and everyone's opinion on whether this philosophy is weakening with further scientific advances.

Provided is a link discussing everything you'd like to know about DNA:

Link: http://www.icr.org/article/neanderthals-are-still-human/
Differences and similarities between modern humans and Neanderthals.

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