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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Group 1 Study Guide Questions

1. What two scientists are credited with the discovery of the structure of DNA?
James Watson and Francis Crick

2. True/False: Ribosomes transcribe DNA into RNA

3. What color do gram positive bacteria stain?

4. What way does radiation affect DNA structure?
It breaks the chemical bonds that link the nitrogenous bases together

5. Who was the German embryologist who published the first nuclear-transplantation experiments, pioneer of his self-named "developmental mechanics," and awarded the Nobel Prize for his efforts in 1935?
Hans Spemann (p. 97)

6. What example does Venter use for reconciling that his positive innovations could potentially be used for negative purposes?
The use of fire, since the beginning of human existence, could be used for good or evil. pg 154

7. What was the name of the Japanese project to turn Mycoplasma genitalium into a computer-simulated version of the cell? 
E-Cell Project

8. What scientist is known for her work on bacterial cell division and proving spatial organization inside of bacterial cells, especially in regards to division and the cell cycle?
Lucy Shapiro (p.145)

9. What does Venter think is a very realistic and specific way that drug resistant infections can be treated in the future?
Synthetic bacteriophages (pg 176)

10. What television series popularized the idea of the transporter?
Star Trek (p. 160)

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