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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Group 3 Presentation

We will be referring back to the lifeboat situation in the first book we read (Bioethics the Basics). We watched Life of Pi which provided another lifeboat situation and will compare the two situations.

Nikita - Provide a summary of the whole movie from the beginning to the end.
            Close the presentation with discussing, "Religion in movies for promotion."
Dustin - Discuss "How does this movie make you believe in God(s)?" and "Aristotle's philosophy."
Elijah - Discuss "Which story would you rather believe in?" and "Can people control their animalistic side?"
Maiki - Explain the lifeboat situation from Bioethics the Basic and review Campbell's opinion. Then, discuss our opinion. Also bring the discussion, "What would you do in either of the lifeboat situations?"

Everybody contributed to the powerpoint slides

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