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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Group 2

We discussed the idea that life is an information system.  The information system of life gets its data and programming from DNA.  That thought essentially makes humans (and all other life) computers (albeit really fancy/self replicating/growing/etc computer).  We talked about how this affects us in a self-awareness/free will sense.  Does the fact that we are just "computers" mean that, in reality, we have no free will?  Are we just a plethora of chemical reactions and energy conversions moving and interacting according to the laws of physics?  Or are each autonomous individuals making our own decisions that affect our lives?  We also talked about how we would feel if it were one way or the other.  Would you decide that life was pointless if you found that you really had no free will?  One way or another, it will not really affect the way that people live their lives if it ever comes to light that one way of thinking is the truth (at least that is my opinion).

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