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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Group 2: Peripatetic

During our peripatetic experience, we started towards the KUC to get a map.  We felt the best place to start was to continue where we left off with our conversation from class regarding the human/information system/free will discussion.  We talked about how we would feel if we found that we were just really complex information processing machine.  Some said that it would bother them to realize they had no free will.  Others said, they would continue on as normal, without giving it much thought.  After that we kind of got off topic, because I mentioned an assignment about the novel, World War Z.  We talked about the ethical conundrums that people might face if the world were to be struck with a deadly pandemic (I will avoid the zombie filled part of the conversation).  We talked about quarantines and protecting "important people" from infection.  There were many differing views upon this situation, all of which I cannot remember.

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  1. I'm sure zombies have as much place in a bioethics discussion as anywhere, but I'm glad you revisited the "information processing machine" issue. I've come to realize that the little 4-letter word "just" smuggles a ton of critically unexamined prejudice. Append that "Cosmos" line "These are some of the things molecules do..." with "These are some of the amazing and wondrous things organic information processors do, given 4 bil. years of evolution."