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Monday, March 31, 2014

Group 2 Study questions

1. The idea of teleportation originated with Gene Roddenberry.
2. The biggest misconception about teleportation is that it involves sending material stuff
3. With synthesized DNA, says Venter, it will eventually be possible to create all forms of life.
4. Antibiotics are all destined to become useless after a while, and genomics cannot help
5. Why did Venter's team add "watermarks" to their synthetic genome
           (To distinguish it from any naturally occurring species)
6. The process of transferring the genome of one species into the cell of another is called ______.
           (Nuclear Transfer)
7. What was the first live organism sequenced by Venter's method
           (Haemophilus Influenzae)
8. Who pioneered the plus-minus sequencing of DNA and sequenced the first viral DNA genome?
           (Fred Sanger)

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