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Monday, March 17, 2014

Venter, Chapter 6 and 7

(FQ) What way does radiation affect DNA structure?
Answer: It breaks the chemical bonds that link the nitrogenous bases together

(FQ) What is the process of transferring the genome of one species into the cell of another called?
Answer: Nuclear Transfer

(FQ) What is polymerase chain reaction used for?
Answer: Amplifying and producing copies of DNA fragments

(DQ) I'd like to continue discussing what sort of problems could be solved by synthetic organisms (some more problems are presented at the end of Chapter 8).

Provided is a link discussing everything you'd like to know about DNA:

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  1. FQ: Who was the German embryologist who published the first nuclear-transplantation experiments, pioneer of his self-named "developmental mechanics," and awarded the Nobel Prize for his efforts in 1935?
    A: Hans Spemann (p. 97)

    DQ: Is Venter responsible for any negative outcomes of his findings? (i.e. if someone else uses his research to create something detrimental) We've discussed this before, but -shrug- I wanted to post something...