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Wednesday, March 4, 2015


After yesterday's athletic enhancement report from Rory, Ramsey, and Greg, Frank Deford's NPR comment on A-Rod this morning was striking - and a little too harsh, I think.
It should've been so easy, Alexander Emmanuel Rodriguez. You were blessed with great talent, good looks, and eventually you were awash in beautiful women and more money than your everyday Russian oligarch. You even had that neat new nickname with the capital letter and the first syllable last name — like J-Lo — before they became imitated and cliched for dime-a-dozen mortals.
But who knew that even a fairy-tale prince could be so insecure as to start taking a magic elixir? Some fairy tales can last a lifetime, but even fairy-tale princes have to grow old. You missed that part, Alex...


  1. AP Epilogue Questions

    FQ- What is a blastocyst? (AP 102- it is an unplanted embryo at the 6th-8th day of development)
    FQ- How many frozen embryos are sitting in an American fertility clinic? (AP 110- 400,000)
    FQ- What is the equal-moral status view of embryos? (AP 115- Everyone was once an embryo and we should regard those embryos as people with the same rights as regular people)

  2. I also believe this was a bit overboard. I assume he shares the same sentiment for a vast majority of other athletes as well then? The only thing the media loves more than a hero is a fallen hero.

  3. Why are they talking about him like that? I really don't like it at all, but there are those people that are highly critical of others no matter what they do.