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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

AP Chapter 5 Questions

FQ: "Sandel says the real problem with genetic enhancement is that it erodes human responsibility by overriding effort and striving." (T/F)
FQ: "What are the three key features of our moral landscape?"
DQ: If the Senate were to pass a law against genetic discrimination, how would the genetically enhanced portion of the population react to being required to help support the unenhanced (believed less healthy) portion through systems like health insurance?
DQ: As genetic enhancements become more utilized throughout society, would those who are unenhanced (whether they decide not to be, or could not afford it) be considered unfit? Would this lead to a form of eugenics?

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  1. Chapter 5 AP Questions
    FQ- What is the term "playing naked" in baseball? (AP 88- A player taking the field no under the influence of any stimulants)
    FQ- What does the term "flying blind" mean? (AP 89- when parents don't undergoe genetic screening during the pregnancy)
    DQ- Is it possible for a parent to treat a child the same with genetic enhancements?