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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Summary of last two presentations

We discussed Specie-ism. It was about whether or not animals were to be accepted at the same status as humans regard themselves. It was evenly split on whether animals had the same rights as humans. This topic was sparked by the discussion of whether or not it was "the right thing to do" to put animals to sleep when they are in pain and not for humans. The question more specifically, "why is assisted suicide immoral for humans but perfectly acceptable for animals?"

The last presentation was about genetic engineering. There were arguments for it, including that it does not mean that genetic engineering is playing God and that it was a moral obligation according to Savalescu. The arguments against were that it is delving into the unknown or unnecessary. Someone mentioned that if one must use the "it is wrong because it is playing God" argument that the point at which genetic engineering is playing God should be defined.

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