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Thursday, March 19, 2015

 On Immunity 3-54. 
Fact questions: 

What is the difference between herd immunity and herd mentality? (p. 20-21)

What is the name of the first story that the author heard about immunity?(p.3)


  1. FQs

    1. What is an undervaccinated child(p. 27)
    Answer: A child who has received some but not all their vaccinations

    2. What disease causes fingers to turn black? (p.42)
    answer: Hib disease

    3. What would help restore America to it's pre-Columbian environment? (p. 42)
    Answer: Efforts to limit epidemic diseases through vaccination

    4. What does DDT protect African children from? (p. 44)
    Answer: Malaria

  2. DQ: If paranoia is eventually classified as a "plague" in America how can it be stopped?