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Thursday, March 26, 2015

On Immunity p. 110-134

Fact questions

1. _____________, one of the slogans common to vaccine activism, could easily be a critique of just about any aspect of our modern lives. (p.110)

2. Who is Dr. Paul Offit? (p.111)

3. What does the term conscientious objector mean? (p. 118)

4. Who wrote that "we have a duty to ourselves to examine our conscience? ?(p.121)

5. What is body politics? (p. 125)

6. In immunology, the term regulation refers to what? (p. 131)

Discussion Questions

1. Do you believe that conscientious objection is a good reason for parents to not vaccinate their children?

2. Are parents that choose to not vaccinate their children living in an" illusion of independence"?

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