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Thursday, March 26, 2015

On "Playing God"....

I'll preface this by stating that this is not meant to imply anything regarding my personal religious beliefs, spirituality, etc.

I will ask a question which operates under this assumption: Those who believe in a higher power (whom I'll very originally refer to as "God") presumably believe that said God also created nature and its laws.

My question is this: If God created nature and its laws, is it even possible for us to play God? Aren't we obligated to operate under the natural laws of the universe?

My personal belief is that, in reality, science and technology are actually just representations of our knowledge of how the natural world works. Therefore, I would argue that we cannot really play God, since all things we are able to accomplish and create must inherently operate under the laws of nature, and in fact may just be a "forceful manipulation" of those laws that were already in place.


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