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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Alternative Quiz #4

1. George Bernard Shaw described the medical relationship in his play, The Doctors's Dilemma, as a "conspiracy against the larity'. What does this mean? (p.80)

2. (T/F) Deciding what is in the best interest of the patient is ALWAYS straightforward? (p. 81)

3. What are the three key features of valid consent? (p.83)

4.  (T/F) No matter what, a doctor or health care professional is not allowed to disclose patient information. (p.87)

5. What is the medical terminology for the termination of pregnancy? (p. 88)

6. What is "in vitro" fertilization?  (p.92)

7. What is a designer baby? (p.96)

8. What does SCNT stand for? (p. 99)

9. What are cadavers and why are they relevant? (p. 109)

10. Name one of the books Campbell recomended for further reading and resources for this chapter.


1. How do you feel about the concept behind designer babies?

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