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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Optional Alternate Quiz for Chapter 4

1.      In the play by George Bernard Shaw, the medical relationship is seen as a ‘conspiracy against the laity’. What does he mean by this?(80)

2.      What are the 3 key  features of valid consent?(83)

3.      What is ‘tort’? How can a health care professional be guilty of it?(85)

4.      Which court case resulted in the general principle that confidentiality could be breached if there was a clear threat to an individual?(87-88)

5.      The Roman Catholic Church led some groups to describe abortion as… (89)

6.      The ___________ view is one that sees the fetus as the beginnings of a nascent human life, but still far short of individual human existence as a person. As it develops it has increasing significance. (90)

7.      What is a weak justification for wanting to get an abortion? (91)

8.      Through assisted reproduction, theoretically how many parents could a baby have? (93)

9.      What are considered the ‘building blocks’ of all organic tissues in regenerative medicine?(99)

10.  What is a traditional approach in delivering a ‘bad prognosis’? (103)

1 comment:

  1. 1) that doctors (and other professionals) are in danger of using their special knowledge and power as a way of gaining personal advantage, rather than as a means to help their patients.

    2) informed, competent and voluntary

    3) civil offence; if the patient is not given the opportunity to make a free choice and to refuse the intervention.

    4) Tarasoff vs. California courts; lead to Supreme Court

    5) 'murder of the innocent'

    6) gradualist

    7) social inconvenience

    8) five parents

    9) pluripotent stem cells

    10) for the doctor to inform the relatives of the patient, but to conceal the seriousness of the outlook for survival from the patient him or herself